Customize your Neon Boots

    Add your personal touch to your Neon Boots!! You can stamp your name, initials, your favourite word or maybe a sentence you like ;)

    Termination is embossed on the skin. Colorless, color, silver or gold.

   Add to your bag the number of symbols you want , and to complete your order, please tell us what you want to stamp letters / words you choose , either in the space provided in your shopping bag or by email ( ).

   You can put
differents symbols or words in each boot ... ;)


    S ymbols available A-Z, 1-9, "." and " ☆" (Star)


    Be Special :)

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Size Guide

Order Your Neon Boots

No size? You can back order your Neon Boots ;) (Available in some models)

1º  You can order your Neon Boots clicking " Order if your size is Sold Out" (1) and then " Buy " (2)

2º Please tell us your size in the order details (3). You can also reply reply the confirmation email that you receive after checkout (4). Don't Worry if you forget it, we´ll contact you ;)

You´ll receive your Neon Boots in 3-4 weeks max ;) Usually you'll receive your Neon Boots sooner because new pairs are arriving constantly.