F.A.Q. – Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to buy at Neonboots.com?

Yes, your payment is completely safe. We work with one of the most secure payment platforms, Paypal, whose purchase protection programmes help protect your purchases on and off Neon Boots.


Is it possible to cancel an order?

Yes, You can cancel your order after placing it as long as it hasn’t entered in the process of packaging and shipping. You can request cancellation sending an email to hello@neonboots.com


What happens if I receive my order and the boots doesn’t fit properly, either by being too big or too small?

Just contact us and we will change them at no extra cost ;) (only EU) 


Can I return the Neon Boots or change them if I’m not pleased with the product?

Yes, no problem ;) Just contact us. All you have to do is send us an email at hello@neonboots.com.

A return/refund/change does not apply in case you requested to have your boots stamped or made to order, except if there is a manufacturing defect.


No size, how I can get my Neon Boots?

You can order your Neon Boots selecting "Order" within sizes (Last option). You´ll receive your Boots Neon receive in 3-4 weeks max ;) (Usually you'll receive them before because new pairs are arriving constantly).
If you prefer you can contact us and we'll notify you when available (only notification, we can not reserve ;))


I have a coupon, ¿how can I use it?

Please go to our Purchase Process section by clicking here, step 6 describes how to use your coupon, it’s quite simple ;)


I don’t know how to buy

Just follow the process described here, it’s very easy ;)

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Size Guide

Order Your Neon Boots

No size? You can back order your Neon Boots ;) (Available in some models)

1º  You can order your Neon Boots clicking " Order if your size is Sold Out" (1) and then " Buy " (2)

2º Please tell us your size in the order details (3). You can also reply reply the confirmation email that you receive after checkout (4). Don't Worry if you forget it, we´ll contact you ;)

You´ll receive your Neon Boots in 3-4 weeks max ;) Usually you'll receive your Neon Boots sooner because new pairs are arriving constantly.